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Integrated Defi Solutions Payment Processing

We ensure payments are always a smooth ride. With REPAY's fully integrated payment technology designed specifically for the auto industry, dealerships and finance companies can easily and securely accept customer payments and manage outbound supplier payments all from one place.

When you offer customers more ways to pay, you can collect more payments more quickly with our Defi Solutions integration. 

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Improve Efficiency

By integrating the REPAY Defi Solutions credit card processing solution, your company will reduce complexity, streamline payment processing and exceed customer expectations. The REPAY integration will also help you improve your company’s cash flow. 

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Introducing REPAY

Meet IAN, REPAY's payment navigator. Here IAN gives an overview of our fast, safe, and convenient payment solutions which can be tailored to meet the needs of any business and any industry.

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Omni-channel payment methods

Tokenized credit card data simplifies PCI Compliance

Realtime reporting

Instant funding available


Recurring and one-time payment capabilities

 24/7/365 US-based support